Relatively comparing designer clothes to regular ones

Published: 15th February 2012
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On special occasions and parties evening dresses are a must. They bring out the beauty in a woman. More women are being curiously attracted to evening dresses in the past few years. This is mainly due to the culture and lifestyle followed by the people in last few decades. Earlier only men of the elite class could afford these kinds of dresses as they are usually of the designer make. In this generation it is necessary for people from all sections of the society to own a collection of these dresses.

The main reasons for a designer wear to be more popular than the regular wear will be discussed in this article. Compared to the regular old stuff these designer makes have more appeal. More important than being visually appealing, women find them accepted in the society on wearing these dresses. An evening dress has significant advantages over the regular dress in this era especially.

The Superlative Quality of designer clothes comparing the regular ones.

The first reason is that evening dresses are better in terms of quality than the regular old fashioned dresses. There is a gradual shift in the lifestyle of women. In fact the culture is changing. The fabric used in designer evening dresses is of superior quality compared to the "rotten" regular dresses. All sections are realizing the importance of designer wears. The add-on or the accessories used in these dresses are authentic making the woman more visually appealing. The regular old-fashioned dresses are not able to match the quality standards and not compete neck-to-neck with the designer evening dresses.

Stitching is an important part of the dress

There is more demand for designer dresses in the market. Thus, these old-fashioned dresses fail in the quality of stitching compared to the designer evening dresses. Many renowned designers stitch these dress from scratch. Hence, there is no way of them being not visually appealing. Stitching is an important consideration in choosing the set of clothes you want to appear in. There is not much demand for these clothes to be stitched properly or to raise its standards.

The duration of the dress is to be considered

The effort put on the manufacture of these designer clothes is considerably more making them have a longer and an efficient life compared to the old-fashioned regular ones. More importantly superior quality fabrics and better stitching process makes the evening dresses serve for longer periods of time compared to the regular ones. To put it shortly designer evening dresses give the value for their money but these regular ones fade away quickly. The single most reason affecting regular ones is the demand. This main reason for this is that manufacturers favor the designer ones and it survives for longer duration than the regular ones.

The Exclusive Style

These designer clothes are meant to change the ambiance of the evening come in different fashionable styles. Women mostly seem to have a collection of these exquisite pieces of fashion in their wardrobe and the regular ones can be found in their closet. The regular come in old fashioned style and have no style. They are literally stale in today’s era. Mingling in the society is impossible with old-fashioned dresses. Wearing regular dresses is also not a bad idea but it is necessary to carry it off with a good persona. If you have really good persona to carry it off should you venture to wear them!

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